January 24th, 2023

An Honest Conversation About Gem Sourcing & Prices


This is a really important topic, and I wanted to share some frank realities in our industry. I hope you find this content helpful, and please feel free to share with others who are discussing the topic. 


If you have more questions or want to talk about gemstones and how to make smart purchasing decisions you can come visit me in my booth at the AGTA GemFair January 31 – February 5, 2023 – BOOTH #1106.

We are at a time where so much of what we purchase is digital, from music to books, to art, and so much more. However, there should always be questions in the consumer’s mind to move further into their understanding of ethical sourcing and sustainability.


Our industry is having a challenge with some gemstone dealers claiming ethical sourcing and sustainability for marketing purposes. These people are aware that these are buzzwords that may help them sell more.


Also, with today’s photo filters and editing applications, images can be altered to appear differently online than they do in reality. Now, it is more important than ever, to work with gemstone and jewelry companies that you can trust.


We have seen the end consumer be swindled by unethical, often overseas dealers or drop shippers, who find their way to high-end clients using platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Etsy. Often these sellers do not have the quality of gemstone they claim, and they trick consumers by posting photos that are heavily edited.

(screenshot from Etsy showcasing gemstone jewelry)


One of the most pressing conversations for the end consumer is in regards to properly disclosing treatments of gems, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. More and more end consumers are becoming aware of the way things are sourced.


“One of the reasons I am an AGTA member is that it is the ONLY wholesale association worldwide that requires its members to annually provide copies of their invoices with disclosure of treatment codes on gemstones and pearls,” says Kimberly Collins. 


AGTA is also the most ethnically-diverse association with members of all races and religions that come together under one association to sell the best quality and most ethically sourced gemstones in the world. There are members who actually own mines across the globe, and it doesn’t get closer to the source than working with an AGTA supplier. 


AGTA is the industry stamp of integrity. It is the trustworthy certification of colored gemstones in both loose and finished jewelry, that can give you peace of mind with  your purchase. Quality gemstones hold their value throughout time, and more than ever, the end consumer is paying attention to the quality and value of their jewelry purchases. 

Even in this time of economic uncertainty, there are still anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, births, engagements and life events worth commemorating. Savvy jewelers are aware of the economy and sourcing challenges and these things may affect consumer pricing.


AGTA GemFair – January 31 – February 5, 2023 – BOOTH #1106

You can stop by and see me, Kimberly Collins, at any time during the show, but if you would specifically like to discuss your gemstone or gemstone jewelry inventory needs please email casey@kimberlycollinsgems.com to make an appointment.

AGTA GemFair Website: agta.org

Visit our Kimberly Collins Instagram Page to preview some of our newest loose gemstone and finished gemstone jewelry inventory! 

January 21st, 2023

Trends, Classics & What to Buy

Savvy jewelers know that now is the time to be smart with their purchases. Going to the AGTA GemFair Tucson is the perfect way to start the year.  As we take a look at trends, classics, and what to buy this year, keep in mind that people are becoming more aware of sustainability and most of the items they purchase will be kept forever and passed down through generations.

Quick Reference, you can find us in person at the AGTA GemFair January 31 – February 5, 2023 – BOOTH #1106. We can’t wait to see you!


Color is HOT! Color gemstones continue to grow in popularity, and they should be on every savvy jeweler’s radar and in their stock. Everyone loves the big 3 (Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire), but we’re also noticing a rise in interest in all birthstone jewelry and more unique shades and shapes. (Think bi-color tourmaline, hexagons, and kite shapes…)

“Make sure you have good birthstone options available…customer interest is there,” says Kimberly Collins. 

Don’t be afraid to step out of the traditional box when it comes to colorful jewelry. For garnet, try stocking Tsavorite and mint garnet pieces, Spessartite, or Malayas. Take advantage of opportunities to educate your customers, romance the stones, and get them excited.


Fine quality Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires, known as the big 3, will hold their value throughout time and are safe buys. However, any gemstones that is a fine cut and quality will hold their value. 

Those who liked Paraiba Tourmaline AND bought it 10+ years ago were really smart. Since production has diminished, prices have skyrocketed. With Paraiba’s rarity and neon color, both consumer interest and value have seen a significant uptick. 

Even though there are consistencies in the big 3, it is always fun finding the next big thing mother nature offers the gem world!

What to Buy

Advice from Kimberly, “Buy what YOU love to SELL!”

If you are on the fence about purchasing a gemstone that you love, just remember, you know your clients, your store, and your region best. A great way to differentiate yourself from other jewelers in your area, is to show up authentically and share the gems and jewelry you are passionate about! If you are enthusiastic about a stone or piece of jewelry, your clients will likely follow your lead. 

There is currently a deficit in the market for all finer gemstones. In 2022 Sri Lanka filed for bankruptcy and production came to a screeching halt. This caused their production and stock to be more depleted than usual. 

Thankfully they were able to begin mining again, but finer gemstones remain difficult to find right now. If you find something you like and are excited about, do not hesitate to purchase it!


As we enter a new year, we continue to see a rise in interest in colored gemstones and jewelry. We expect that demand to continue, and we know that finer gemstones and quality jewelry will always hold their value over time. 

If you always buy what you love and with passion, how can you go wrong?!?


January 18th, 2023

Kim’s Guide to 2023

It’s time to go back to Tucson for the AGTA GemFair 2023! Savvy jewelers are watching prices in the market, gearing up their inventory, and making a strategic plan for this year’s GemFair.

Read through this year’s guide and feel free to share this resource with your friends and colleagues!

Quick Reference, you can find us in person at the AGTA GemFair January 31 – February 5, 2023 – BOOTH #1106

AGTA GemFair

“Who should come to the AGTA GemFair? Any retailer or designer who wants the security of buying from a reputable source in a protected environment should be attending the Tucson GemFair”, says Kimberly Collins.

Those coming to Tucson should definitely make a daily plan. The AGTA show is known for being a one-stop shop and carrying the best of the best quality in Tucson! You can find loose gemstone dealers, designers, tools and equipment, educational seminars, and more under the AGTA roof. 

Kimberly says, “You’ll want to give yourself time to shop and look around. With 2 floors of exhibitors, there is plenty to see. I recommend making a list if you are on a shorter time schedule. Otherwise, go for it! Browse, shop, and enjoy. Also, don’t forget our great food vendors, both on the show floor and the food trucks outside of the Gem Hall.” 

We are so excited about our new booth location at 1106! We’re going to miss our neighbors on the 700 aisle, but we’re bursting at the seams with inventory that deserves to be properly displayed.  This year there will be 4 of us behind the booth, and as the shows have gotten busier, we want to provide more counter space for our clients. 

Anyone who sells color should attend this GemFair because it is the best, most curated colored gemstone and pearl trade show in the world!

AGTA GemFair Tucson is an excellent opportunity to replenish items that always sell. It starts your year out right and although people may be a little more conscious of what the future holds, we know that even in economic lows, there are still plenty of events and moments in life to commemorate.

People are always experiencing anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, baby births, and engagements. The fine gemstones and jewelry we sell may be considered a commodity, but they are items of value that stand the test of time.

We are seeing that the end consumers are thinking more about sustainability. They are taking the time to consider spending less money on tech items and spending more money on items of value, like jewelry. The pieces we sell are not being purchased and disposed of, they are being kept and passed down through generations.

“For a buying strategy, it all depends on how hungry you are. Notoriously the first 3 days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the big days at the AGTA show.” Kimberly says. The show is full of high-end designers and manufacturers who will be looking to get first pick of the best in the show, so discerning buyers should arrive early. While AGTA never gets sold out of items, the most rare and desirable items always go first. 

Exploring Tucson

Tucson is so beautiful with the yucca, cacti, and amazing southwest landscape views. We have a few longtime favorites and few new favorite places to eat, entertain and connect outside the GemFair.

Old Favorites:

  • The Iconic Hotel Congress is the international hub of meet, greet, party and eat! Any night of the week the bar is hopping and the scene is fun. They have live music most nights.
  • The Cup restaurant in Hotel Congress has really great food, so make reservations! It is located less than a mile from the convention center where AGTA will be held.
  • Carusos on N 4th Ave has 4th generation traditional Italian food, red and white checkered tablecloths, unlimited garlic bread, wine and beer. They are very reasonably priced, and Kim loves their antipasto platter. This place is fun with a larger group or cozy party of 2.
  • Lil Abners is a good old Southwestern steakhouse, another iconic Tucson restaurant. It’s a little bit of a drive away from downtown, but it is totally worth it!

New Favorites:

  • On the same street as Hotel Congress is a restaurant called The Hub. Cozy atmosphere, full bar, good food, close to the convention center.
  • Culinary Dropout is so much fun!! There are multiple bars, music, cornhole, pool, and good food. Great with a group, not the place for a quiet night out.
  • Maynards is great if you like finer dining, a great wine list and specialty cocktails, this is your place! Located across the street from Hotel Congress, but with a totally different vibe.

For anyone that can’t make it to Tucson, we would be happy to connect after the show to schedule a quick flip around pick box or virtual Tucson, or after the show I can send a Tucson pick box.

Call 775-622-0600 or email Casey at casey@kimberlycollinsgems.com for more information and to schedule your pick box! It can be jewelry, gemstones or a combination of both! 

Details & Resources:

AGTA GemFair – January 31 – February 5, 2023 – BOOTH #1106

You can stop by and see Kimberly Collins at any time during the show, but if you would specifically like to discuss your gemstone or gemstone jewelry inventory needs please email casey@kimberlycollins.com to make an appointment.

AGTA GemFair Website: agta.org

Visit our Kimberly Collins Instagram Page to preview some of our newest loose gemstone and finished gemstone jewelry inventory! 

 To reserve a time, please email casey@kimberlycollins.com 

Looking for the full Trade Show line up for 2023?

AGTA GemFair2023 –  Tucson, AZ
January 31-February 5 

Atlanta Jewelry Show – Atlanta, GA
March 11-12th 

AGTA  GemFair Las Vegas at JCK – Las Vegas, NV
June 1 – 5th

The INSTORE Show – Chicago, IL
August 13 – 15th

Atlanta Jewelry Show – Atlanta, GA
August 26-27th

AGTA GemFair Denver – Denver, CO
September 15 –  18th

As always, you can visit our Kimberly Collins Instagram Page to preview some of our newest loose gemstone and finished gemstone jewelry inventory! 

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