I love the alternative bridal trend going on right now in the bridal industry. There has been, in recent years, an interest in retail usage of colored gems as the main engagement stones rather than diamonds. You can check out the beautiful oval blue sapphire that Kate Middleton wears, the gorgeous emarald cut blue sapphire worn by Elizabeth Hurley or the round ruby that can be found on Jessica Simpson’s hand. They are all wonderful examples of this trend.

What is so great about this is that people are realizing they can do something more “one of a kind” for themselves. This trend seemingly opens the avenue for the bride to add her own character to her ring. I had a client recently who loved the color purple. She chose a lovely purple sapphire gem for her engagement ring and surrounded it with diamonds.

For me, I have had a lot of requsts for alternative bridal in blue sapphire as well as fancy sapphires ie: pink, peach, yellows, greens and purples. It is a great way to put a little personality into a ring that will hopefully last a lifetime.

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