2017 Alternative Bridal Trends

I am so excited to predict the 2017 alternative bridal trends and suggest how you, as jewelers, can prepare for them!

Trend Predictions:

In the last half of 2016, the increased interest in fancy sapphires was tremendous! The colors were all over the board, which makes me very excited for what we will see in 2017. I believe we will continue to see very strong interest in blushy pink- peach shades, light icy blues to more classic royal blues, icy greens, and blue-greens, lavender and white sapphires.

Sapphires of any color make great engagement rings, as they are nearly as durable as a diamond, and with a great cut, they will sparkle like one too. Interest is also developing for Spinel as an alternative bridal option because of its durability as well as its amazing refractive index.

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